Hendesford Carnival

Hednesford Carnival

Saturday 17th August 2013

Congratulations to the winners of the It’s A Knockout Tournament 2013, Team 50% Black.
ALL RESULTS of the teams are now displayed on this page, please note that they are displayed on the graphs, there is ALL of the scores on the green graph and individual game result graphs displayed as you scroll down the page. You need to click on the graphs to see them clearly. The tournament was really tough and tested all physical skills as well as being fun. Well done to EVERYONE who took part. (Below Left Coopers Troopers were 2nd with 159 points, Below Right with 152 points The Bish Boppers with their adopted member for the photographs Cressida from her Zumba Team)

Any feedback from participants and public watching will be gratefully received to be able to improve on the event next year, if we are successful in getting funding. Please email thefriendsofhednesfordpark@aol.com to leave feedback or visit our Facebook page for a LOT MORE photographs of the event.

The Friends of Hednesford Park did not get the funding applied for and the event was rescued by Hednesford Town Council and Staffordshire Community Fund money from George Adamson and Christine Mitchell (our present County Council elected representatives) We are very grateful for their support and from the support on the day we can assure everyone that it was community money well spent.

The chart below shows all of the results of all team scores in all of the 10 inflatable It’s A Knockout Games. 24 teams took part. We have displayed the results in charts so that people do not feel so disappointed with their achievements. If you scroll down we have shown each game team results as well so that teams that did not do so well overall can take away their achievements from individual games. We are extremely proud to be able to support all ages and abilities in our tournament, the whole aim of the day is for everyone to have fun alongside all members of our community.

Chart showing all of the team results for the Wheels game below.
The Looney Lightworks Team dressed in orange (Below Left) and Coopers Troopers (Below Right) all ready to go in the Wheel game. A game tough on the arms, as long as you were tall enough to reach it that is!

Chart showing all of the team results for the Wall Game below.
(Below Left) showing a close up of Hednesford United Girls Football Team doing a bit of cheating. A huge sincere Thank You to Neil for scoring and being down at Hednesford Park from 7am this morning to help set up the marquee.

All of the team results for the Sumo Dash Game below.
Photographs (Below Left) show 50% Black doing lightening changeovers, and (Below Middle and Below Right) Chase Day Centre Teams giving it their best team efforts.

Chart showing all of the team scores in the Lucky Leprechaun Game below.
Tescoette is taking a dive (Below Left) whilst The Incapable is hopping high, (Below Right) Incapable is concentrating ‘so’ hard!

Chart showing all of the team scores in the Energy Zapper Game below.
The Energy Zapper was voted one of the teams most favourite games, it was difficult choosing from the photographs but these two photographs below sum up the different techniques teams used to get across the assault course. Teams pictured are The Passion Panthers with The Incapables (Below Left) and Tescoette (Below Right)

Chart showing all of the teams scores in the Humpty Dumpty Game below.
Teams pictured are the Red Devils and The Barmy Army (Below left) and The Bish Boppers have demolished Humpy’s Wall (Below Right)

Chart showing all of the team scores in the Crazy cubes Game below.
Scorers Lydia Bain on the Basketball game (lower far left) and Julia Bain (lower far right). Teams pictured below are Chase Day Centre ‘The One and Only’ and ‘Simply The Best’ (Below Left) Hednesford United Girls Football Team are pictured (Below Right)

Chart showing all of the teams Basketball Game Results Below
Flying action from Aldi, Moorhill Preschoolers, Bish Boppers and Cressida’s Zumba team.

Chart showing all of the teams Caterpillar Game Results Below
The two teams from Hibbs Lupus Trust are pictured below, supervised by Sophie Harvey and Timmy Wheel from Hednesford Raceway. (Sincere apologies for the decapitation of some heads, the photographs was downloaded with heads, we will correct this defect as soon as possible)

Chart showing all of the teams Build the Nation Game Results Below
Photographs showing teams Red Devils, The Fun Club, Barmy Army, Aldi, Allied Health Care and Moorhill Pre-schoolers.

A small selection of photographs below showing other activities happening on Hednesford Park at the Carnival to support the It’s A Knockout Tournament.
(Above Left) Charlie Evans on Stoke’s Fair walzers, (Above Centre) Staff from Hednesford Midcounties Co-operative and members of Coopers Troopers Team in the It’s A Knockout tournament, still had the energy to take a raffle round the public after coming 2nd in the tournament, (Above Right) Timmy Wheel from Hednesford Raceway is watching David Knowles from The Forest of Mercia make beautiful flowers out of willow on the Shave Horse. The Flowers have another use as fire lighters in survival skills when not being an ornament. If you would like to join us in any of our courses, provided by The Forest of Mercia, please contact us or telephone Jane Rodd on 01543 370737 at the Innovation Centre at Chasewater, Brownhills.

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