Maypole Carnival was on Saturday 10th May 2014


We achieved a funding bid with The Lottery’s Awards for All, which enabled us to deliver an event that is part of Hednesford’s History.

7 different local Community Schools took part in the Maypole Dance Training, provided by and co-ordinated by Jacquie from Dance Stars Academy (a local drama and dance school)

green man morris dancers Jacquie Dance Stars Academy Jolly Joe the DJ Maypole dancingTImmy WheelDance Stars Academy












The money also funded The Forest of Mercia to provide a course to make our Maypole Thrones

Hazel weaving head restHappy weaving crewStarting the 2nd maypole throneMaypole throne no.1Maypole throne makingDah Dah Maypole Throne 2nd Phase

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