Name Hednesford Park’s New Inhabitants

The Friends of Hednesford Park

An owl, a woodpecker and a squirrel are among favourite woodland animals which have been carved from felled trees in Hednesford Park. Sculptor Robot Cossey from Wolverhampton has been commissioned by Cannock Chase District Council to carry out the work as part of a major refurbishment of Hednesford Park.

Cannock Chase Council is encouraging all park users to enter its latest competition to name the new woodland sculptures in Hednesford Park.

In November 2016, essential tree works were carried out on the tree avenue where sixteen large, mature trees were felled. Some of these felled trees have been used and turned into stunning art pieces.

Robot Cossey is well known for his timber sculptural works completed the sculptures last month. These now take pride of place in the park and include an owl, a lizard, a squirrel and a woodpecker.

Park users are now being asked to name the sculptures and give the reason or inspiration behind their suggested name.

Due to the positive feedback received, the Council is considering to create more sculptures in the future. Park users have now got the opportunity to let the Council know what other woodland or park creatures they would like to see in the park by entering this competition.

Councillor Christine Mitchell, Leader of Culture & Sport, said “These sculptures are a beautiful addition to the park and have attracted a lot of public interest. The work has encouraged people who wouldn`t have necessarily visited the park to pop along and see the art pieces on show.  This competition is a great way for park users to get involved and name each sculpture and provide suggestions for the new woodland creatures that will appear later on in the year.”

If you would like to take part in this competition you can complete an online entry form by visiting

All entries need to be submitted by Sunday 23 April 2017.

For further information about this competition and the developments in Hednesford Park, contact Lynn Evans on 07855099353.

The Friends of Hednesford Park Tree Sculptures

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